Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The 2016 Ford Explorer from Dealerships in El Paso, Texas: Beyond a Reliable SUV

Traveling in a large SUV is great because of all of the room you have access to. Road trips, regardless of the hours spent driving, are more enjoyable when there is ample passenger room inside. One vehicle that is perfect for these types of adventures is the 2016 Ford Explorer. Stylish and practical, this SUV also has some incredible features and striking aesthetics.

Beautiful Exterior

One thing that stands out about this vehicle is the eye-catching exterior. LED tail lights give it a modern look, setting it apart from all of the other SUVs on the road. The lines are clean, and you can tell how much time went into the engineering and designing of the Explorer.

Painted aluminum wheels give this SUV a bold look, one that looks striking from a distance. Thanks to privacy glass, the passengers on the inside can have a little more privacy and not feel so exposed when on the road. In addition, a rear-view camera has been equipped below the license plate, making it easy to see all angles when backing out of a tight spot or driveway.

Excellent Interior

The quality of the interior certainly matches the exterior. All-weather floor mats not only look stylish, but they are designed to hold up in any type of environment. Cargo hooks in the back make it easy to transport groceries or other important essentials.

See what this Ford in El Paso, Texas can do on the open road. The features and performance make it a fun SUV to drive every time. Wherever your destination, the 2016 Ford Explorer can confidently take you there.

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