Monday, February 1, 2016

Find a Reliable Truck in the 2016 Ford F-150 from Dealers near Las Cruces, NM

Having a full-sized truck is great because it gives you a lot of power and room to work with. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, a 2016 Ford F-150 is a great full-sized truck to use on a regular basis. Designed from quality materials, and engineered with the driver in mind, this truck comes equipped with all sorts of features.

Practical Features

What stands out about this well-designed truck is all of the practical features you can maximize. Trailer backup assist helps you easily get into reverse and safely attach to a trailer. The process shouldn’t take longer than a minute so you can get on the road in a hurry.

Lane assist mode helps you efficiently change lanes. If there is a vehicle near the truck, sensors sound an alarm. You can then react quickly to avoid getting into an accident. A touch screen interface in the front is easy to use. The display and controls are extra convenient  when you’re searching for a radio station, navigating your way, or looking up a contact on your phone.

Luxurious Interior

Another great thing about this heavy-duty truck is the luxurious interior. Heated seats make it easy to stay warm during colder days of the year. Leather front seats are stylish, and they give the truck a classy appeal. There are plenty of cup holders and accessible storage compartments in the truck, making it easy to travel even with a lot of people.

Head down to a Ford dealership surrounding Las Cruces, NM to see what this truck can do. Take it for a test spin and see how well this truck suits your lifestyle.

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