Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Get to Know the 2016 Ford Mustang from a Dealership in El Paso

There are a lot of great sports cars in the market today. However, if you are looking for a car that is reliable and has a ton of history behind it, then the 2016 Ford Mustang may be for you. Featuring a bold body and elegant features on the inside, the new Mustang is capable of handling any challenge that comes its way.

Multiple Trim Options

The new Mustang has all kinds of trim options available, giving you the chance to select a truly unique ride that suits your style. Some of these options include the GT premium, V6, EcoBoost, and EcoBoost premium. If you are looking for a lot of power with quality features, then it’s hard to pass up on the GT premium. Featuring a V8 engine, this option offers unmatched driving power that makes cruising an even more  memorable experience.

Quality Interior

There are so many great things about the new Mustang’s attractive interior, such as the bucket seats. The seats are made from premium cloth, which holds up over the years. Plus, these seats provide you with extreme comfort, which makes it easy to drive long distances without feeling pains or cramps.

A rear-view camera makes it safe to back up when parking, whether you are at a store, at work, or at home. If you love listening to tunes, you’ll find that the audio controls have been mounted to the steering wheel, helping you easily find the perfect radio station.

So if you are looking to see what this Mustang can do, be sure to head down to a Ford dealership in El Paso. Fun times are waiting.

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