Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The 2016 Ford Explorer near Fort Bliss: Space, Luxury, and Technology in One

If you are looking for a spacious vehicle to take anywhere in your life, the 2016 Ford Explorer near Fort Bliss might be the ride for you. Not only is this vehicle stylish on the exterior and interior, but it has a lot of space in terms of the cargo. Traveling with a lot of things can be an enjoyable experience if you’re riding in this car.

Noteworthy Features of the 2016 Ford Explorer near Fort Bliss

You can do so many things in this modern SUV, such as going off-roading. The tires have ample tread so that you don’t get stuck in remote locations, allowing you to tackle dirt roads feeling confident. Adaptive cruise control is great to have because it takes over your car’s system and slows down automatically when traffic up ahead starts to slow down as well. You don’t even have to put your foot on the brakes.


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